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My Journey

GHP_AboutPagePhoto_2My artistic journey started as soon as I could pick up a pencil or a paintbrush. Or my godmother’s lipstick for that matter, which I once used to draw a lovely picture on something I shouldn’t have! I used to spend hours sketching as a child and developed a keen interest in visual arts.

In my early twenties, I decided to show my portfolio to a lecturer at Blackpool Art College, not really knowing which course I wanted to do. I was interested in them all but was steered towards graphic design, which I studied for the next five years. I went on to pursue this career professionally for a time in London.

Yes, I got a thrill from designing things but I think in the back of my mind I always knew I should have done the photography course. My life took me in other directions for a while and I moved back up north.

In December 2000, I went backpacking around Thailand and Australia for 3 months with my trusty Olympus film camera. The photographs of the ‘Pa Dong Long Neck’ people, living in a simple village on the Thai and Burmese border were some of my first proper portraits.

I continued experimenting with my camera over the years, taking ALOT of photographs of anything and everything. I embraced the digital world, buying my first DSLR and one day spotted a course at my local college in digital imaging.  I enrolled and loved every minute. The course helped me discover that photography is by far the best way for me to express myself creatively. It also taught me that my specialism is photographing people.

One of my portraits was chosen to represent my college at an exhibition at the Morley Gallery in London, in 2012. I have also been published in Digital SLR magazine twice, including a front cover.

I see myself mainly as a lifestyle portrait photographer but I can be also be booked for model portfolios, commercial work, live performance and weddings. I’ve also been involved in several community led workshops, involving young people.