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Session Info

Session Info

Lifestyle portrait photography is all about photographing you in a very natural and informal way. I use natural light and outdoor spaces for the sessions, so if you have a favourite place you like to go, we can look at shooting there. It could be a nice park, nearby fields, the beach, woodland, even an urban setting. Not only does this provide an interesting backdrop for the images but it also makes for a more relaxing environment to have your photograph taken.

We simply go for a walk and a chat and I’ll snap along the way. For some photos I’ll ask you to ‘strike a pose’ but for others I’ll take a more candid approach. I try to capture real expressions and real moments as the shoot unfolds. This more laid back style of working is great for children in particular, as they have space to explore and play and they’re not confined to the walls of a studio.

What do I wear?

It’s best to be yourself and wear what you feel comfortable in. We can discuss this before the shoot but if you feel you would like more help picking out an outfit, we can do this at the beginning of the shoot. As a general rule, it’s better to stay away from heavily branded clothing and sportswear and anything that may date your photos. To compliment your outfit, have a look at what accessories you may be able to use, even props! Something simple like a spotty pair of wellies can look great!

Lets go!

It’s really common to feel a bit nervous before a shoot as the majority of people hate having their photo taken. It’s not that bad, honest. My aim is not just to get great photos but also to put my clients at ease in front of the camera and to have some fun! It’s best to allow a few hours for the shoot, so we aren’t rushed and if we can fit a cuppa in along the way, all the better.